Campaign Cabinet Spotlight: Jerry Stoltz

Volunteers Make All the Difference.

My wife Kari and I have two daughters who have both attended St. David’s since their Kindergarten year – Haley (‘23) and Ellie (‘25).  Because we are so blessed in our community to have a number of great options for schools, I am often asked, “Why St. David’s?” or “What makes St. David’s School different?”



My abbreviated response is, “It’s the AND.”



Haley (’23)
Ellie (’25)

St. David’s provides a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, which prepares and equips students to excel in and strive for academic excellence, and St. David’s takes it a step further.  St. David’s also fosters an unapologetically Christ-centered environment where the gospel is more than window dressing.  It is a transformative power that is reinforced in every facet of campus life.

It is this misson – to operate as an elite academic institution AND as a nurturing, faithful Christian community – that makes St. David’s special.

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Video Spotlight: Learn More about Why an Endowment is so Important.

Growing Season

Have you ever been to Logan’s on a Saturday in late April? It can be likened to I-40 at rush hour or trying to find space at The Embers concerts in North Hills. It’s packed  with people navigating their carts through the aisles of plants, shrubs, pots and fertilizer.

The section with the perennial plants – ones that grow back every spring – is always where the most seasoned gardeners are found.  They know that each year, their investment in perennials will create a beautiful yard they can count on year after year.

You’re waiting for the comparison to St. David’s now, aren’t you? We’re those people in the perennials section, of course! The St. David’s community is working to grow an endowment fund that we can count on for years to come. Ok, ok, no more cliché gardening metaphors…let’s talk about what’s really important – Endowments.

 What is an Endowment?

In short, it’s financial strength that will create a permanent legacy of support for St. David’s.  An endowment fund is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding.  It is achieved through the donation of money or other financial assets that are invested.  It’s structured so that the principal amount is kept intact while the investment income is available for supplementary expenditures. Each year, a portion of the value of the fund is paid out to support the fund’s purpose, and any earnings in excess of this distribution are used to build the fund’s market value.

 Why do we need one?

An endowment at St. David’s not only ensures the long-term future of our school, it also helps accomplish more every year, such as:

  • Small class sizes
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Intentional service opportunities
  • Tuition assistance and affordability
  • Curriculum infused with innovation, entrepreneurship and student leadership

And more!

Where are we today?

The Inspired Futures initiative is the path to our endowment success. Please continue to pray for the success of this campaign, and consider how your contribution will cement the legacy of the school and generations to come.  Please say, “Yes!” when a campaign cabinet team member asks for your pledge.  It’s time to grow those deep roots for our school’s future.  (Sorry, just couldn’t resist!)

90 THANK-YOU’S to those who have already said, “YES” and supported the campaign. You have raised $9,122,417!

Photos: Inspired Futures Dinner Party Celebration

The Inspired Futures Dinner Party Celebration on March 15, 2017, held at the Convention Center in downtown Raleigh, was a special night.  Nearly 700 attendees celebrated the past and dreamed about the future of St. David’s.  See for yourself what a remarkable night it was.

Video Spotlight: New Facilities

Cranes, Classrooms & Commitment

When we think of Raleigh, we think of acorns falling from old oaks, the steam engine train in Pullen Park, our beautiful State Capitol building.

And of course, we think of construction cranes.

We are a city under construction, which means progress! Drive a mile in any direction from St. David’s and witness the ascent of new condos, neighborhoods, high-rises, and businesses.  Raleigh is working feverishly to keep up with the physical demands of becoming one of the most innovative and sought-after cities in the country.

Our St. David’s school community mirrors our hometown.  We’ve worked hard these past 20-plus years to build a curriculum and an academic community that attracts outstanding students, families, faculty and staff. Now, it’s time for our physical facilities to match the same level of distinction as our teachers and our educational philosophy.

The space in which our children spend their days is an essential component to how they learn.  And it all counts – the design, the materials, the attention to detail, the ways in which each room can be utilized and changed.  It has to be purposeful, useful and enticing.  As it says on the Campaign microsite, architecture energizes and empowers! Excellent classrooms are essential, but when the Inspired Futures Campaign talks about facilities, it means our entire campus, including our athletic fields and courts, as well as green space.  It will benefit all students.  Our first building, our new Middle School, actually houses the Middle and Upper School library and an Innovation Warriors lab where all students across all grades can embark upon design thinking, collaboration, and hands-on exploration.

Middle School Site Work Authorized

We are taking an important step forward this spring with our new Middle School building.  Thanks to the generosity of our early campaign supporters, the Board of Trustees has authorized the first phase of the construction contract, allowing the site preparation work to begin before the end of the school year.

“It is exciting to see this project begin, but please remember this is only the first step. We are hopeful that we can move seamlessly from site preparation to construction. The actual timetable will be determined by the total dollars pledged to the campaign when the prep work is completed. The response so far has been great, but we have not yet reached the threshold required to move beyond the site preparation.” (Phil York, Board of Trustees)

Be a “YES” Person!

The blueprints are in place and the shovels are ready. We need everyone’s help to begin digging. Please say, “Yes!” when a campaign cabinet team member asks for your pledge to our children’s future.  View the team here

We can do it! Together.

Sneak Peek Tours. SIGN UP NOW

Satellite Athletic Complex Tour Dates.

Athletic Field House

One aspect of our facilities plan already in the works, is the Satellite Athletic Complex (SAC).  Have you seen the SAC lately? If not, join us for a SNEAK PEEK TOUR April 20th or May 1st between 4:00-5:30 pm!  Warrior Club members and Athletic Director Ricardo Viera, will be on hand to share all the behind the scene details of our new Athletic Complex. There will be games (tennis, soccer, and lacrosse) and practices in action to help touring

Satellite Athletic Complex Tennis Courts

families see the impact of our developing satellite campus. It is a great opportunity to learn about the SAC and how it will shape the athletic experience of our students and families. Everyone is welcome. For questions, please contact our Athletic Director, Ricardo Viera at [email protected]. SIGN UP HERE