A Campaign To Benefit Both Current & Future Generations

St. David’s School is already a premier academic community with a Christian ethos of faculty, staff, curriculum and character. We welcome families of all faiths and backgrounds and we’re challenging ourselves to become even better, to ensure Inspired Futures—not just now—but for the next generation of leaders who will make a difference both at home and around the world.

Yes, we’re on an extraordinary trajectory. But how will we continue it?

The Inspired Futures initiative is a shared effort between parents, grandparents, alumni families and our community. By working together, we can build an even brighter future for our students, simply by enhancing our Three Foundations of Excellence: Academics, Facilities, and Financial Strength

Inspired Futures Begin With Inspired Teachers.

Think of three people who had a positive, transformative effect on your life.
We’re willing to bet that at least one of them was a teacher.

“I think the faculty is definitely what alumni miss most. To have a basketball coach who invited you to church and to family dinner, or to have an art teacher who trusts you enough to babysit his kids is such a unique opportunity. I never thought I’d get that close to the faculty at St. David’s but looking back, I can’t imagine high school without them.”
- Melanie Park, ’15

At St. David’s, we know greatness begins with our teachers. They inspire and engage our children to embrace knowledge. And yes, to challenge it as well. It’s a hands-on, minds-open approach that allows our students to learn to think critically, reason logically, and express themselves clearly.

But who teaches the teachers? With the Master Teacher Fund, the possibilities are as limitless as our children’s potential. Because it’s imperative that our teachers continue to learn as well.

“Thanks to the Knott Grant, I had the opportunity to spend time being immersed in South American language and culture in order to refine my skills as an educator. My greatest desire is to encourage a similar love for culture and learning in my students.”
- Shannon Hess, Middle School Spanish

As part of the Inspired Futures initiative, St. David’s is augmenting the Master Teacher Fund. We want to increase its effectiveness and help our school achieve new heights of discovery and creativity across all disciplines. This is how we tackle problems, discover solutions, and develop new generations of leaders.  With your generous help, we will be able to compete effectively with other great schools, reward our truly outstanding faculty, and attract education professionals from across the country and around the world. 

St. David’s constantly searches for innovative teaching methods. One example we’re currently using starts—simply enough—by gathering around a large oval table. It puts students—and their ideas—at the center of learning. Instead of a teacher giving instruction from the front of a classroom, students sit alongside their peers. This format encourages and enlivens group discussion and the free flow of ideas. Students engage with and learn from each other. Not only is it an effective teaching method, we’ve seen it instill a sense of collaboration among students that continues long after class is over.