Inspired Futures

Transforming Lives Together

We're on an extraordinary trajectory. But how will we continue it?

By working together. The Inspired Futures initiative is our shared effort with parents, grandparents, alumni families and our community to expand both the breadth and depth of our calling. We will build on our Three Foundations of Excellence: Academics, Facilities, and Financial Strength.


Inspired Futures begin with Inspired Teachers

The greatness of our students begins with our teachers. They are the ones developing the new generation of leaders. 

That’s why we’re augmenting the Master Teacher Fund as part of the Inspired Futures initiative, to motivate and invigorate our teachers to continue their educational process, providing challenging opportunities that allow them to grow as professionals


Facilities should facilitate learning.

Some schools have classrooms. St. David’s builds stimulating learning environments that foster curiosity, reflection, interaction, and the desire for knowledge. 

The Inspired Futures initiative allows us to create state-of-the-art facilities throughout our campus, both indoors and outdoors, from innovative science labs to sports facilities to our newly expanded Library.

Financial Strength

Financial Strength ensures our good work goes on.

An endowment created by the Inspired Futures initiative is how we will continue to become one of the best college preparatory schools in the nation. This investment guarantees our children and future generations will continue to flourish academically and find their God-given purpose in life. 

Here's Where We Are:
A Summary of Identified Needs & Our Progress

The Inspired Futures campaign  ensures a strong academic and financial future and provides the best facilities for learning and developing a nurturing school body.  We have identified a phase I goal of $15 million in facility and endowment needs that can only be realized through generous donations. You have currently raised $12,573,004 through 276 donations!  Every dollar helps us build on the Three Foundations of Excellence


Allowing our teachers opportunities to enhance their already tremendous skills, and pass their inspiration on to our students.


Maximizing the potential of the many spaces where our students learn, study, eat, pray and play.

Financial Strength

Ensuring we can continue our many objectives, from establishing new courses and providing tuition assistance to building facilities reserves and eliminating debt.

276 Total

Amount Pledged to Date:


It's Not How Much You Give. It's Why.


Cooper & Sam Bratton

Sam '23, Parham '27

“As a new family, it’s been a joy to see our boys so excited about school from their classwork to friendships to the athletic fields. They are challenged academically and enriched spiritually in an encouraging and nurturing environment every day. We support St. David’s so that it will continue to inspire, motivate and engage students both in and out of the classroom for many years to come.”
“We love being a part of the amazing St. David's family. Knowing our children are getting a great education in a loving and supportive environment is such a blessing. The school and classrooms are so enthusiastic and positive. Everyone involved with St. David's, from the faculty, the staff, the parents and the students, really want to be there and the love and pride for the school really shines. We are so thankful for St. David's School.”

Stephanie & Dana Simpson

David '25, Grant '27


Elizabeth & Paul Rieker

Parsons ’15, Madeline ’16, Bo ’19, Miles ’21

"We value St. David’s for its mission of teaching strong Christian principles, Biblical truths, and academic rigor. Having two recent graduates, we have witnessed the difference St. David’s has made as they navigate the next phase of their lives. We see giving as laying the foundation for generations to come.”

Every gift to the Inspired Futures campaign is greatly appreciated and will be celebrated. All gifts of $15,000 or more will be permanently recognized in the new Middle School Building.